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Steam cleaning performs multiple tasks at once when utilized on vehicles. The process swiftly cleans surfaces by sterilizing the area. Additionally, there is no dry time, no waste water runoffs and is chemical free. Using the heat in this energized state ensures that any dirt or debris will loosen and remove with the vapour. Effective steam cleaning has the potential to restore the original shine to your vehicle.

Effective steam cleaning is most noticeable on engines. Grease and dirt build up under the hood, and most people forget to wash this area. In addition, this type of cleaning costs less than other car wash services. For example, steam cleaning requires fewer detergents and solutions to complete the task. Thus, people save money by not having to purchase as many supplies.

This method is a great way to clean areas that are exposed every day to dust and dirt from various weather conditions. Additionally, this allows you to thoroughly clean hard to reach places like the underside of seats and upholstery. However, special detergents may be used for more effective steam cleaning which helps dislodge anything stuck to the surface. The temperature helps loosen the bonds between the accumulated dust and the metal surface.

When you want to truly clean your car and make it look brand new, you can rely on steam cleaning. Kwiksteam car wash, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company, uses steam cleaning methods and will remove stains, dirt, and scum. The power of steam cleaning helps restore your original shine to your prized possession. Schedule an appointment today!