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Engine Steam Wash

Our method cleans without the use of harsh chemicals and zero waste water

Engine Steam Wash Nuneaton

We know that you have a choice when it comes to car valeting companies. That’s why we put extra thought and effort into every aspect of our business, to ensure that you receive the absolute best service. Give us a try so that you can experience the difference and we can earn your repeat business.

Factors that may affect price

Tar spots, tree sap etc – If your vehicle is inflicted with a lot of tar spots or tree sap and you want us to remove it then we may charge a bit extra. This will usually only be an extra £10 unless it is REALLY bad.

Interior condition is worse than expected – If the interior of your vehicle is in pretty bad shape then we would up the price to reflect the time taken to keep your car maintained.
Added extras that you may want –  For any added extras such as a layer of wax, carpet shampoo, tyre protection and the like we will let you know the price before you decide that you want it or not.
Exterior condition is worse than expected – If your vehicle is completely caked in mud, brake dust, tar spots and flies then this will affect the pricing. This is only applicable if the exterior is in very bad condition.



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