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Valet Your Car From Just £25

Choose a package below and get it delivered at your door step. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Below is our list of valeting options, however, we are flexible and happy to discuss your requirements for a more bespoke service.

**Please read our terms and conditions set out below before making your booking**

The Safe Wash from £25*/ 60 mins

No-contact snow-foam rinse followed by the two-bucket method using PH neutral products to protect your paintwork:

  • High-pressure pre-rinse
  • Application of snow foam via cannon
  • Secong high pressure rinse
  • Application of car shampoo with microfibre mitt
  • Third high pressure rinse
  • Tyres and wheels cleaned
  • Application of hydrophobic sealant
  • Fourth high pressure rinse
  • Dried by microfibre drying towel
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed in no sling satin finish

** *Price May Vary – Please See Terms. 

Mini Valet from £45*/ 120 mins*

Full Valet from £70*/ 240 mins*

Your vehicle is prepared as per our  Safe Wash & Mini valet method complemented with an interior shampoo

    ** *Price May Vary – Please See Terms

    Engine Steam Clean from £50*/ 120 mins

    • Under bonnet cleaned
    • Engine and bay area degreased and rinsed
    • Under bonnet and bay area dried
    • All plastics and area dressed

    This service is provided at owners risk.

    Mould Removal from £80*

    Bad Odour Removal from £80*

    • Pet Odour Removal
    • Urine Odour Removal
    • Sick Odour Removal
    • Cigarette Smoke (Tobacco) Odour Removal
    • Mould Odour Removal
    • Milk Odour Removal
    • General Bad smells Removed
    • Accidental Spillages Of All Kinds

    Vehicle Signage Removal

    • Signage and graphics removal
    • Decal Removal service
    • Van Signage Removal
    • Car Signage Removcal
    • Commercial Vehicle Signage Removal
    • Vinyl lettering and signage removal
    • Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Removal

    Other Services

    We also provide bespoke detailing services, such a

    • Old tint removal
    • Signage removal
    • Machine polishing
    • Baby car seat cleaning and many more


    **Price is for up to small sized cars. Larger vehicles please call 07415149983.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Prices indicated are based on vehicles with an average soiling level, vehicles that are particularly dirty or require removal of excessive pet hair will be subject to additional charges. This will be confirmed after inspection of the vehicle and prior to commencing work. 
    • We cannot valet cars in pay and display car parks or public car parks or working on the side of busy roads. 
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to allow all round access to their vehicle and for us to park our van within close proximity.
    • There will be times where the weather is too adverse to work in, such as rain or snow. On such occasions we will phone the customer and rebook for another day.
    • We recommend that you book your service at least 24 hours before the service as same day service is subject to availability
    • Our  team must be allowed access to water and electricity.
    • We reserve the right to refuse to valet a vehicle following inspection.
    • If you have booked a service, please remove all your personal belongings, or put them in a bag away from the vehicle prior to arrival. Please note – All remaining Items will be considered disposable rubbish and removed. It will be your responsibility to ensure you have removed any important items you wish to keep, we will not be held responsible
    • We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from ill-fitting trim, loose or faulty parts, door mirrors held on with tape, etc. please ensure you make us aware of any potential problems or damage before we start the valet.


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