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No one likes a dirty car, but what is the best way to clean it? One of the newest ways to clean the interior and exterior of your car is to steam clean it. Cleaning your car isn’t just a way for it to look pretty; cleaning it on the inside is healthier for you as well. From the air vents spreading dust and allergens to a dirty window and mirror obstructing your view a dirty car, it can be dangerous.

Using steam to clean your car instead of power washers can also prolong your car. The pressure of the sprayers can force water into electronics and into sensitive areas of your car. You can also be restricted with the amount of water you can use because of bans or droughts. With steam cleaning you use less water and can clean many different components without worrying about water pooling in unwanted areas.

There are different benefits for using steam in the interior and the exterior.



»Removes odours such as pet stains, smoking and mold or mildews
»Fabrics are deep cleaned quickly and easily freshened up
»You can reach the dashboard, vents, ashtrays and anything hard to get to normally
»Surfaces are almost dry as soon as you are finished


»No effort is needed to get all the dirt off
»No toxic residue
»No streaky windows
»Can completely clean vinyl tops, wheels, and whitewalls

There are more benefits than just the ones listed. Steam cleaning makes sure you get the dirt and grime without adding knicks to your paint or damaging your vehicle. It also disinfects your car while cleaning it with the high temperatures it uses. Those high temperatures can kill any bacteria on your car from your hands or anywhere else; this ensures your family will be safe from cold and flu germs while making your car shiny and clean.